About me

I’m a software developer from Toronto with a deep passion for designing and building tools of all kind.


I graduated from university having studied Electrical Engineering, and during the summers worked with a contractor doing home renovations. After university I entered the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, working in electrical engineering and covering everything from site inspections and project management, to the detailed power, lighting, fire alarm, and various communications system design that goes into modern buildings.

It was the contrast of these two experience that led me to ponder and developed a real appreciation for the sublime beauty of a well designed tool. Whether it’s a power tool, a multi-meter, or a piece of software, to me a great tool should feel effortless and intuitive the first time you use it; and should continuously surprise and delight you with helpful features as you master it.

Working in construction I got to use high end, contractor-grade power tools whose basic designs had been iterated on for 50+ years and who were filled with hidden features and smart design decisions that gave you a sense that the designer empathized deeply with the user. Unfortunately, after spending a few years working in the world of BIM, I found there to be a comparative void in the ‘sublimely beautiful tools’ department.

my general state of being

This drove me to start teaching myself some visual scripting, which very quickly lead me to basic python scripting, which lead to some winform applications, then some WPF desktop development, and now these days I work mostly with node.js / express / react and web technologies.

But regardless of what language or framework I’m using, my passion always comes back to delivering tools that make users think:

“Wait … it can do that?”